Banks & Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face a wide range of strategic, operational and legal challenges. In particular, shifting regulatory environments and global economic uncertainties challenge the approaches of these institutions in their local markets and internationally.
The Iran securities and banking lawyers of the Farama & Co are counsel to a number of Iranian and foreign banks, and other financial institutions and intermediaries.

We advise banks who wants to enter in Iran finance market and in relation to every aspect of their business. We bring pragmatic, commercial advice and unrivaled insight to some of the world’s most demanding and innovative bank projects.

In Farama & Co we can guide our clients through these challenging and changing times as one of the few full service law firms in the region with departments offering lawyers with in-depth local regulatory advice through to advisors on projects and investment funds.

Throughout the Persian Gulf   region and globally, our clients within this sector include Banks (both conventional and Islamic), Investment Banks, Accounting Firms, Private Equity Firms, Investment Funds and Regulators and we advise these clients on the full range of financial legal services (in addition to associated services such as M&A, Employment, Litigation, IP, Real Estate).  Our commercial in-depth industry knowledge ensures we provide our clients with the insight, solutions and confidence to move forward in this fast paced and turbulent environment.  Feedback from clients indicates that now more than ever, there is strong demand for the sophisticated services that we provide in tandem with extensive local knowledge – a combination we believe few competitors can match.

With balanced strength in our corporate, finance, regulatory and other specialist divisions, we can bring together integrated teams across all the key jurisdictions and business lines in which our clients operate, advising banks not only on their own operations but also on the work that they do for their clients.

The activities of our banking law attorneys include advising (also providing legal opinions) and litigating in matters of:

    -mergers and acquisitions
    -regulatory compliance (Iran and Islamic Finance)
    -liability claims
    -real estate transactions
    -and a range of other operational matters, such as:
        the negotiation and refinement of loan agreements, acquisition finance, project finance and syndicated lending
    -letters of credit and negotiable instruments
    -the issue of letters of guarantee, patronage or comfort

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