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Iran is one of the 20 largest economies in the world on a PPP basis, with a young and highly educated population of close to 80 million enjoying amongst the highest living standards in the region. This is a market with immense potential and huge pent-up demand for aircraft, equipment, technology, skills and capital, as well as airport and airspace infrastructure, as and when restrictions are removed.

As a result of the signing of the historic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in Jul-2015, Iran’s civil aviation sector, and its tourism industry, are set for significant modernization and expansion following the lifting of sanctions on 16-Jan-2016.

There are also significant route development opportunities for foreign airlines, airports and national tourism authorities. And given the wealth of historical, cultural and natural attractions in Iran an expected surge in inbound tourism will drive investment in hotels and services.

Despite this apparent stability, stakeholders face a variety of uncertainties as the aviation industry continues to evolve. The sheer volume of projected deliveries requires consideration of the benefits of diversifying funding sources. The regulatory environment is changing in various markets, and the risk of disruption with respect to geopolitical events remains. In addressing these challenges at a time when deals and transactions are increasing in size and complexity, our lawyers provide clients with invaluable insight into the international aviation industry.

Supporting our clients as they optimize their strategies

We have substantial experience and knowledge in the commercial aviation sector. The experience we have developed in representing airlines and operating lessors, their debt and equity financiers, manufacturers and multiple export credit agencies  throughout our domestic network gives us a clear understanding and perspective of the myriad issues that successful financings in this sector must creatively and effectively address.

The aviation business and our role – navigating complexity

Our lawyers have substantial experience in all products deployed or utilized in complex structured financings in this sector, including enhanced equipment trust certificate (EETC) financings, asset-based securitization (ABS) transactions, warehouse loan facilities and pre-delivery payment (PDP) financings. . We  advise on acquisitions of and/or investments in aircraft leasing companies and aircraft portfolios, secured and unsecured bridge and revolving credit financings, non-US dollar capital raises, all aspects of ECA-supported and manufacturer financings, private jet financings and a wide range of regulatory and asset repossession matters.

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