Visa and Immigration

Visa services are strictly under the authority of Iranian Foreign Ministry and other related agencies. Farama & Co can only assist you in expediting the stamping of your passport after obtaining the visa approval number from Iranian Foreign Ministry.
In our experience, only the following individuals can apply for visa:

Foreign husband of an Iranian woman
These individuals can only obtain visas to Iran after the registration of their marriage to an Iranian woman both religiously and officially according to Iranian law. After registration of their marriage is finalized, the wife’s relatives must officially invite them to the Iranian Foreign Ministry where a visa will be issued after the case is carefully reviewed.

Tourist visas
Tourist visas and their consequent travel to Iran is only possible if the said tourist applied through travel agencies and tours which are mostly inside of Iran. The laws and regulations regarding the frequency and possibility of visa issuance vary from time to time, and we hope better relations between the two countries will ease this process. For further and more current information regarding tourist visa, please contact us.

Exhibition, Educational Institution, and Conference Visas
These kinds of visas are usually obtained after an Iranian company, an educational institution, or a governmental or non-governmental agency officially invites the guest and applies for their visa in Tehran. Farama & Co may facilitate the stamping process of those passports in the U.S. and in Washington D.C. after the visa approval number has been issued.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Iranians with no vital record documents and individuals with Iranian descent from their paternal side, MAY NOT travel to Iran with a foreign-issued passport. They must firstly apply for their Iranian documents, and travel to Iran with their Iranian passports.

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