Legal support for foreign direct investment projects in IRAN

Farama & Cos’ lawyers have unique and practical experience of providing comprehensive legal support for projects in Iran . We assist big multinational investors in structuring and implementing complex investment projects from ground level to day-to-day operational legal support.

Our services include:

    Selection of a region / municipality
    Selection of a site
    Negotiations with regional / municipal authorities
    Corporate / M&A aspects
    Acquisition of the selected site
    Construction contracts
    Registration of title to the facilities erected
    Import and installation of equipment
    Post-investment and day-to-day operational legal support
    Legislative work

Representing clients in liaising with authorities

Farama & Cos’ lawyers have unique experience on the Iran market in dealing with regional and municipal authorities at all levels.

Specific expertise includes:

    Representing clients on projects involving authorities
        negotiating the terms of investment agreements with the Iranian Government
        dealing with authorities on projects of national importance financed out of the budget
    Representing clients within FIAC (Foreign Investment Advisory Council under the supervision of the related ministries in Iran)
    Representing clients in dealing with regional and municipal authorities
    Tax and tariff negotiations with regional authorities

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What have been the objectives in establishing special economic zones in Iran?

Based on provisions of article 1 of the Act pertaining to the Establishment and Administration of Special Economic Zone, the objective in establishing those zones have been declared as: 1-Supporting economic activities, 2- Establishing international trading relations and economic agility in the region, production and processing goods, 3- Technology and know-how transfer, 4- Non-oil exports, 5- Job creation, absorption and encouraging local and foreign investments, 6- Re-export, foreign transit and transhipment

What essential roles the special zones play in the economic development in Iran?

Special economic zones play an important role in the increasing process of international trades across the world. In view of global economy, special economic zones and exports processing regions are considered important tools in policy setting goals of government for industrialization expansion, job creation and regional development.

What kinds of facilities and credits are offered in Free Zones?

1-Issuance of separated warehouse slips that can be traded, and issuance of certificate of origin for import and export goods, 2- Freedom in participation and investment for Iranian and foreign nationals. Import and exit of the cargo without customs duty and commercial interests payments for the purpose of processing, production, change, completion.... .Customs exemptions for importing cargoes made in the special zones for inside the country equal to the value added amounts. The possibility of exports, transit, transhipment and re-export of goods without any customs formalities. Securing foreign capitals and the profits they have earned. Freedom of capital entry to or exit from the zone. Freedom of entry and exit of foreign goods to and from all origins and destinations in the region. Possibility of processing and packaging cargoes for re-exports. Possibility of producing different types of industrial products that could be supplied in the Iranian markets or foreign countries. Possibility of importing a percent of products from the zone to the country without going into long formalities. Wholesale of goods in easy conditions.

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