Facilities for Arrival and Accommodation

What type of facilities Iran Investment and Economic and Technical Aids Organization provides for the entry visa of foreign investors and experts?

The investment organization introduces the investors, managers, foreign experts and their first rank relatives to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and facilitates the affairs related to the issuance of visa, including single entry, three-year multiple visa with the right to arrive and three-month accommodation in each time. Foreign investors or their joint ventures can send the form of particulars of the concerned persons, mention the quality of needing their presence in Iran and apply for visa issuance. It should be noted that the facilities introduced by the investment organization does not mean to receive visa, it is necessary to apply merely through this organization, rather, every applicant can directly refer to the representatives of Islamic Republic of Iran government in foreign countries and apply for entry visa.

Are there any facilities available for accommodation and issuance of work permit as well?

If necessary, Farama & Co will provide facilities and necessary aids to foreign investors on this matter.

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